About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

In the fall of 1958, staff officers of seven private colleges met to discuss a joint venture in alumni and fund raising, which resulted in successful fund drives in Akron and Toledo, Ohio. From this group two years later was born the Independent College Alumni Associates of Ohio. One of its first tasks was to launch a lobbying effort in the Ohio Legislature aiding significantly in the passage of the Ohio Instructional Grants legislation.

In recent years, the scope of the organization has broadened to include the varied college advancement professionals working on behalf of today's private institutions. The name was officially changed in 1981 to Independent College Advancement Associates (ICAA). A list of current members can be viewed here. ICAA membership is now approaching 800 individual staff members from these colleges, universities, and related institutions.

The mission of ICAA is to enhance the professional development of its members and their understanding of issues facing private higher education and institutional advancement.

Professional development opportunities include an annual Summer Conference, a three-day event for all college advancement professionals, and several Drive-In Workshops held periodically throughout the year, with each workshop pertaining to a specific specialty area.

ICAA is directed by an 11-member board, consisting of the president, immediate past president, president-elect, treasurer, secretary and six at-large members. To view the current executive board for ICAA, visit the Contact Us page.

Past Presidents

2022-23: Lee Ann Jourdan, Franklin College

2021-22: Kyle Vaughn, Ashland University

2020-21: Beau Slater, Ohio Northern University

2019-20: Vickie Wilkins, Tiffin University

2018-19: Sandy Nichols, Plus Delta Partners

2017-18: Melissa Clarke Beckett, Columbus Academy

2016-17: Jeff Alix, Ashland University

2015-16: Kara Pickler, Denison University

2014-15: John Coyne, Hiram College

2013-14: Terry Kurtz, Baldwin-Wallace University

2012-13: Andy Kocher, University of Indianapolis

2011: Ericka Kurtz, Tiffin University

2010-11: Lori Pongtana, Denison University

2010: Albert DiFranco, Notre Dame College

2009: Brent Bush, West Virginia Wesleyan College

2008-09: Kristi Wilkerson, West Virginia Wesleyan College

2007-08: Albert DiFranco, Baldwin-Wallace College

2006-07: Paul Chewning, West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities

2006: David LaBanc, Baldwin-Wallace College

2005-06: Paul Chewning, West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities

2004-05: Celinda Scherger, Tiffin University

2003-04: Matt Meyer, Ohio Dominican University

2002-03: Jim Beaverson, Defiance College

2001: Kevin Cluts, Bluffton College

2000-01: Larry Schiemann, Ashland University

1999-00: Merre Phillips, Heidelberg College

1998-99: Susan Dannemann, Muskingum College

1997-98: Steve Hannan, Ashland University

1996-97: Ken Sheetz, Wittenberg University

1995-96: Sally Christiansen, Ohio Wesleyan University

1994-95: Matthew Elli, Muskingum College

1993-94: Jennifer Hamlin Church, Ohio Wesleyan University

1992-93: Sylvia Yankey, Hiram College

1991-92: Jeffrey Todd, The College of Wooster

1990-91: Debra Van Dyne, University of Findlay

1989-90: George Richard, Baldwin-Wallace College

1988-89: John Trautman, Defiance College

1987-88: Marjorie Kramer, The College of Wooster

1986-87: Lynda Huey, Ohio Dominican College

1985-86: Carolyn Frobase, Hiram College

1984-85: Thomas Konkoly, Baldwin-Wallace College

1983-84: Richard Kleckner, University of Dayton

1982-83: James Scarfpin, Otterbein College

1981-82: Carmi Frantz, Ursuline College

1980-81: Clancy Biegler, Muskingum College

1979-80: Frank Knorr, The College of Wooster

1978-79: Midge Brittingham, Oberlin College

1977-78: Laura Newman, Ohio Wesleyan University

1976-77: Herb Danker, Wittenberg University

1975-76: Tom Seddon, Baldwin-Wallace College

1974-75: Tom Seddon, Baldwin-Wallace College

1973-74: Robert Heinbaugh, Hiram College

1972-73: Gene Haberman, Wittenberg University

1971-72: John Hutson, University of Findlay

1970-71: John Hutson, University of Findlay

1969-70: Richard Pflieger, Otterbein College

1968-69: Edward Arn, The College of Wooster

1967-68: William Banfield, Mount Union College

1966-67: Robet Buchy, Wittenberg University

1965-66: Gene Meyer, Heidelberg College

1964-65: Dick Van Almen, Baldwin-Wallace College

1963-64: Perk Robins, Wittenberg University

1962-63: Ernest Sheetz, Mount Union College

1961-62: LaMarr Rice, Denison University

1960-61: Mason Benner, University of Dayton

1959-60: Ernest Sheetz, Mount Union College

1958-59: Roland Matthies, Wittenberg University

ICAA Founders

Ed Butcher, Heidelberg College

Aaron Keller, Hiram College

Wade Miller, Otterbein College

Ernest Sheetz, Mount Union College

Howard Strauch, The College of Wooster

Ron Weber, Mount Union College